Creating a RMAN catalog

Create a user which will be owner of the recovery catalog; create user catowner identified by catowner; grant connect, resource,recovery_catalog_owner to catowner; – Create Recovery Catalog oracle:ORATEST >rman catalog catowner/catowner@ORATEST Recovery Manager: Release – Production on Tue Dec 6

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Slow logon time to OUEL 7 Boxes

Just started messing around with OUEL7 installations before going on site to help install a new RAC cluster. One issue that I noticed almost straight after the installation completed was it took AGES to login to the terminal using ssh.

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Removing old tape backups from RMAN

Hit a problem yesterday, working on a new site reviewing database configurations when i discovered tape backups listed from 2008. After a bit of investigation it turned out they hadnt backed up to tape since 2010 so these bad boys

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OS Endian formats for XTTS database migrations

It is commonplace task for a DBA to be faced with migrating databases to different platforms. When doing this the endian format of the source and target operating systems need to be taken into account. If the endian format of

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Passing spaces into sqlplus parameters

sqlplus myuser/mypassword@mysid @myscript.sql “param1” “param2” cat myscript.sql — Start of myscript.sql DEFINE myparam1 = “&1”; DEFINE myparam2 = “&2”; select ‘&myparam1.’ c from dual union all select ‘&myparam2.’ from dual ; undefine myparam1 undefine myparam2 ; — End of myscript.sql

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Finding a high CPU consuming database session

If you find an oracle process consuming a high amount of CPU, you can use the following to find user session details of the user and go and break their fingers (or start to identify why they are a high

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