Recovering a Database that is a different incarnation

Background ========== We had been performing flashback testing on a dev database testing upgrade rollback options. The testing plan was as follows:- 1. Cold database backup 2. Create GRP 3. Application upgrade 4. Flashback database 5. Application upgrade 6. Flashback

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Oracle Advanced Queues

There’s nothing more a Brit likes than a good queue, and what can make a tech loving Brit happier than a good queue??? An advanced queue – thats what! An old school offering from Oracle8 that still has massive scope

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How to check the available space in the DB Recovery Area

col name for a32 col size_mb for 999,999,999 col reclaimable_mb for 999,999,999 col used_mb for 999,999,999 col pct_used for 999 SELECT name , ceil( space_limit / 1048576 ) SIZE_MB , ceil( space_used / 1048576 ) USED_MB , ceil( space_reclaimable /

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PRCD-1119 : Failed to create database

I was doing some testing with data guard and cascading databases and came across the following error whilst trying to create a 2nd standby on the same server as the first:- oracle:tst_pstby2 >srvctl add database -d tst_pstby2 -n tstlive -o

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Connection To RMAN Auxiliary Fails With ORA-01031: INSUFFICIENT PRIVILEGES

Symptoms I am trying to build a dataguard configuration and when attempting to connect to the auxiliary instance RMAN fails with ORA-01031 errors. RMAN-04006: error from auxiliary database: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges I then tried connecting directly via sqlplus sqlplus “@

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Error when upgrading RMAN catalog to 12c

Been looking upgrading to 12c recently and with that comes the upgrade of the rman catalog. The current plan was to leave the RDBMS at 11g but upgrade the catalog to to cover the new databases. From experience it

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Upgrading an RMAN catalog – Without upgrading the RDBMS software

Until recently I was not aware that this was even a thing, but the version of the catalog database that you use can be higher than the RDBMS version running the CATALOG database. How is is this achieved i hear

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