OS Endian formats for XTTS database migrations

It is commonplace task for a DBA to be faced with migrating databases to different platforms. When doing this the endian format of the source and target operating systems need to be taken into account. If the endian format of

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Passing spaces into sqlplus parameters

sqlplus myuser/mypassword@mysid @myscript.sql “param1” “param2” cat myscript.sql — Start of myscript.sql DEFINE myparam1 = “&1”; DEFINE myparam2 = “&2”; select ‘&myparam1.’ c from dual union all select ‘&myparam2.’ from dual ; undefine myparam1 undefine myparam2 ; — End of myscript.sql

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Finding a high CPU consuming database session

If you find an oracle process consuming a high amount of CPU, you can use the following to find user session details of the user and go and break their fingers (or start to identify why they are a high

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Tracing SQL sessions

In my recent performance tuning exercises I came across a problem – no admin GUI – Shock horror. I had to perform sql tracing manually. Well it took a while for the old grey cells to start firing on this

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Using Baselines to force execution plans

Been on site doing some performance enhancements for 3rd Party application for the past few days. The application is designed and coded to run on SQL Server, is about 5 years past end of life and the vendor only supports

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DBMS_XPLAN and the “User has no SELECT privilege on V$….” error

Doing some testing for another post today and i came across the following error when trying to get the explain table using dbms_xplan.display_cursor. SQL> select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(format=>’BASIC +COST’)); PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT ——————————————————————————– User has no SELECT privilege on V$SQL_PLAN Execution Plan

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